Live22 Agent Review

The Live22 Agent model is a nice looking golf cart. It looks sleek and makes a lot of noise as it roars across the green. Its looks and performance are really great but there is a small problem, it breaks down easily. For example the gas tank leaks or is clogged and is not at all convenient to fill with gas. Then you have to wait a few minutes before you can add gas and the smell from the gas becomes very unpleasant. The worst thing about the whole thing is that the gas tank usually starts leaking during a competition game and it is not easy to clean up the mess. All this explains why it takes the Live22 Agent model such a long time to start up and once it does run properly it is a real shame that this vehicle is no longer available for sale you can check RollexCasino.


The Agent was one of the best golf carts in its price range and it did a lot of things right like Suncity. It was quiet, had a strong engine and drove very well. It was very popular amongst racers and golf enthusiasts alike. The best thing about the Agent was that it was very maneuverable and gave you the ability to get the ball in a nice straight shot. However, like any good sport the Agent model soon developed a bit of a bad reputation.

Golf carts are expensive and the most expensive ones can cost around $8000 but there are also many models that will probably cost less than that and you can still find good quality and performance at much lower prices And checkout this joker123. One problem that seems to be more frequent with the Agent is that it breaks down after a couple of years. Some people claim that the Agent broke down after one year of constant use, some claim that it broke down after two years. I really cannot say what is right and what is wrong with this model.